A casual chic silhouette by Asos

27 septembre 2013

ASOS dared me to make up a look on the theme I wanted, with this one condition : to integrate six articles.

Challenge accepted ! I must say I am usually more than eager to go on a virtual stroll on this giant English online fashion and beauty retailer.

I knew I wanted to include overalls in this silhouette no matter what.
From there I naturally composed a (almost) totally black look in my image, I think : half casual, half chic. It’s the kind of style that I could have during the day as well as at night for a party.
Look good always but feel good first.


1 – Overalls
2 – T-shirt
3 – Faux leather jacket
4 – Hat
5 – Clutch bag
6 – Sandals

By the way, meet Asos on monday for the “Today” operation on the website !

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