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Hello, I’m Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui, I’m french, and I’m based in Paris. I’ve created this blog in 2008.

I graduated in Technology and Tertiary Sciences with a major in Communication. Wondering what type of studies I could do, I embarked on a AFL specializing in English/ Italian. That wasn’t made for me, so I gave up after two weeks. Then, typical scenario I took jobs during the next nine months.

The next autumn I was admitted after a competitive exam at the Itaim/ IEJ journalism school , I studied there for six months and after an internship at Numéro magazine and other small missions in the fashion world I decided to break away from the student life even before having gratuated, and to throw myself into the adult life.

I’ve been an assistant in a photo production company, I also represented fashion photographers and in parallel I founded my blog in 2008. Then one fine day, alonside all my activities, as I was missing journalism I decided to send my resume to fashion magazines. From that moment I started to write piecework rate. Meanwhile, from time to time I was in charge of the styling in fashion editorials. From now on and since 2010 I only devote time to my blog and to social networks that became my full-time job!

Take a look at my press publications.

The pictures

I shoot with a Canon EOS 6D or a 7D with a 50mm lens.
I mainly use the Lightroom software, Snapseed or the VSCO app for the pictures I shot myself otherwise I regularly collaborate with photographers. I have no problem with anyone using my pictures, but please make sure you mention that it comes from my blog please!

The comments

The comments I receive are mediated, so it can take some time to appear below the article. I generally publish all the comments, I have no problem with the fact that someone can disagree with me, quite the opposite, I’m in favour to discuss cleverly.But sometimes, some « anomymous » people force me to ban the comments I judge « evil-minded », insulting and mostly not constructful. I do that in order to prevent my blog from becoming a childish misconduct place and that there always a peaceful atmosphere prevailing.

Anyway I’m always trying to answer the questions.


If it’s a sponsored article I mention it. I write their origin below each article. I’m open to all offers, whatever if it’s for advertising, sponsoring or a partnership. I just care about the fact that it matches with my blog universe and that my readers find it interesting.

How to contact me?

Leave a comment on my blog, I check them daily or through or my contact page.


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